About Waterless Washing System

Waterless Car Washes are one-step products meant to clean and protect your car. They literally need no water to clean the dirt off your car. These waterless wash products vary in strength and effectivity but most of them can handle a week's build up of road dust and grime pretty well. Most if not all of them are eco friendly in two ways. First, they conserve precious water lost while hosing down a car. Second, they can be discarded on the lawn or garden and used to water the plants. As much as 100 gallons of water can be consumed during a thorough hose down of a vehicle. This includes hosing down dirt and dust, washing with soap and rinsing. Pressure washers make consumption even higher. With millions of people washing their cars weekly this could cause an ecological problem. That is why waterless car washes are eco friendly. Second most waterless car wash products extend the eco friendliness by using ingredients that are gentler to the environment than traditional car shampoos. Furthermore, a few of them are even marketed as containing plant derived materials. Waterless Car Wash Products are the new "green" products in automotive car care. There are several advantages to waterless car washes over normal car shampoo.

Vision And Mission

Beyond merely offering a waterless and eco friendly services, we offer a full line of professional vehicles, RV, Boats, Yachts, Jet Skies, Motorcycles and private jets washing , cleaning & protection services. Our VIP WASH N DASH service use comprehensive range of products which gives outstanding results. All our staff are trained professionally to our client tells satisfaction. WASH N DASH specialize in cleaning and detailing High rises. Diplomatic and luxury limousines.